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Team Information:

1. Muhammad Efath 2001559860 
2. Irfan Aditya Mahendra 2001550451 
3. Andreas Pratama 2001578380 
4. Ardya Muhammad Pramudito 2001576734 
5. Muhammad Rafid 2001592353 

Game Design Document Outline

  • Title Page
    • Game Title: Semoga Menang
    • Short Description:
  • Game Overview
    • Game Concept:
  • Gameplay and Mechanics
    • Gameplay
  • Story, Setting, and Character
    • Story and Narrative
  • Level
    • Player level
  • AI
  • Technical
    • Target Hardware
  • Game Art

This game tells the story of a young man who wants to save the life of his mother who was exposed to a rare disease. The child needs to overcome many obstacle to get the medicine his mom need. From his travels in search of medicine, he learned the bitter of life he had to run.


In this game the player must collect all the scattered materials to create the medicine by travelling  around the world. The world in this game will be divided into 2 countries, where each country has several regions.

Regions in this game is divided into two, the first is a region that contains  villages and cities inhabited by people. Regions of this type are places to buy items, weapons, and gather information about the  medicine.

The other region however, contains a bunch of dangerous monsters. Player must be able to kill or pass all monsters before the HP player runs out. To kill monsters, players can use different weapons that have different ways of using it.


2.2 Genre

            - Platform

            - RPG

            - Adventure

2.3 Target Audience


2.4 Game Flow Summary

            Player can move the character by pressing left and right arrow on the keyboard, and press up arrow for jump. To attack the enemy, the player can press Space bar, and if the player want to use skill he/she must hold space bar. Player can look HP and level character level at the top left of the screen. If the player want to go to main menu, the player can press esc.

2.5 Look And Feel

            This game has medieval fantasy atmosphere to it that the player can look and feel throughout the game

To be able to finish this game, the player must create the medicine, which the materials are scattered around the world. The player must travel through regions to get information about the materials for the medicine. The materials can be obtained by defeating 7 unique bosses.

When the player dies, the player will respawn in the last checkpoint. The player can change the weapons he uses against the enemy. The more the player uses his/her weapon , the higher his/her skill to wield the weapon resulting in higher damage and speed.

The player also has level where they can increase it with experience obtained by defeating enemies and completing quests. The player can increase his/her stats by by gaining a level. The stats are;

  • Attack    : increase damage done by the player
  • Defense : Reduce damage taken by the player
  • Hp          : Increase the hit point of the player
    • Mechanics
    • Game World
    • Character
    • level stage

     The rules in this game is very simple, the player must collect all the hidden materials around the world by defeating the 7 unique bosses. When the player dies , he/she will respawn in the last checkpoint.

Player can collect items or weapons and use them freely. Both can also be purchased and sell at the store.

3.3  Game Option

This game has 2 options;

  • The player can press the "esc" key to pause the game and can open the settings window or exit the game. In the settings window the player can adjust the settings of how he wants to play this game.
  • If the player presses the "b" key then he will open the character window. In this window the player can manage inventory, adjust equipment and increase their stats when leveling up.
    • Replaying and Saving


Because this game uses checkpoint system, then when the character died he will respawn in the last checkpoint he unlock.

For saving the progress of the game, the player can uses the crystal located in every city or village he/she visit

Tells a story of a young man living in a poor country. One day her mother fell ill, and to treat her, he had to collect rare materials to create a medicine. Unfortunately, to be able to collect all materials, he must travel around the world, fought deadly monsters and enemies as well as  crossing dangerous  land and sea. In the start of the adventure, he  only had  his father's rusty sword to survive.

This game uses the elements of medieval time mixed with fantasy.

  • Main Character : The character that the player uses throughout the game
  • Mother = main characer’s mother. The main goal of the game is to cure her. When she is cured the player won the game.
  • King of the 1st country
  • King of the 2nd country
  • Shop Keeper
  • Villager
  • PC
  • Mobile
    • Development Hardware and Software
  • Unity
  • Corel Draw
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

The player has level where they can increase it with experience obtained by defeating enemies and completing quests. The player can increase his/her stats by by gaining a level

The difficulty level of each enemy will be determined from the location of the enemy with the country of origin of the character. The farther the enemy location, the harder the challenges and toughness of the enemy the player facing.

There are 2 types of enemy’s ai; the first one is the one which can only moving around the level and towards the player. The second one is the one which can shoot projectile or attack the player.

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